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Awww, how sweet! Love your MC - you gave a stuffed animal such character! But then, again, he is alive, isn't he. :)
I LOVE your title! The poignancy of your story tugs on the heart strings. (Oh to go back to simpler day.) Your descriptions of this little bear were excellent. His little cottony heart beats true. Your ending is perfect.
This is a sweet story about a bear with a lot of life left inside his cottony heart. I really like it. You did have one sentence that seemed incomplete toward the end, but...he is a bear after all. :)
Absolutely loved this charmer!

Lovely pace to the story and obviously overflowing with affection.
This story was from the teddy bear and, indeed, showed his cottony heart,but it told more--the transitions into teen-age. Good story!
Loved the intro. A bit visceral perhaps, but after I got my bear-ings, I really enjoyed it.
Loved the ending too.
I have this story. It reminds me of the shanty stuffed pony my "baby" still stuffs in her backpack andhave no doubt will accompany her to college next year. I just loved Teddy's POV you did a great job. This is just far enough out of the box! Thank you for the delightful read.
Very sweet story. I like the teddy bear's perspective on the simplicity of childhood compared to the complexity of adolescence. Even as adults, it probably would do us good, every once in a while, to pick up our old teddy bears and give them a squeeze.