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Your story helps to highlight the need to focus not solely on the baby of single, young women,but on the pregnant mother as well.

Just an opinion..."This is a fictional story," or "This story is based on fiction,"sounds a bit better than "a piece of fiction."
Thanks for sharing.
This is a battle too many are currently experiencing. Hopefully, this will be instrumental in helping someone with their decisive battle.
You've certainly given a voice to the struggle that so many young women face and you've done it beautifully.
This really does show the battle that goes on, often between being 'sensible' or 'rational' and daring to believe that Jesus' love and power is enough for all situations. Well done
This is a terrific narrative on this particular topic - one of my favorites to write about. I think you captured very well the mental war that must go on in the head of someone who finds themselves in this situation.
Thank you for taking the time, and making the effort, to put this struggle on paper. The choice of abortion really is a war between life and death.
I could feel your MC's emotional torment and the war raging in her heart. My favorite line: "And finally, I made the first truly rational decision of the night. I prayed."
It's so sad how many times this war rages in young women's heart's around the world. Great writing.
Very insightful grasp of the inner conflict for so many women. If space allowed, it would be interesting to also include the internal struggles (if any) for the father of the little guy your MC is bearing.

You presented the inner conflict very well for such an important decision.
This article depicts the emotional whirlwind that young women are thrown into when they must face the controversial choice of life vs. abortion. The individual battle is seldom put into written word so it can be shared. I appreciate your courage to choose life and to also write about it. May God provide your every need and use you as a beakon to others who are searching for hope and righteousness.