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I love how this fits the topic! The fact that the pastor has his own parallels added a whole new depth to this. Your humorous and light-hearted approach makes their story endearing. I'm cheering for them (to have another 25 years.) Love covers a multitude of sins, sometimes. :)
What a delightful story. My sympathy was for the pastor. It's nice that love covers all kinds of pauses.
Perry's mini pause was a bit too mini. A wide berth indeed...good think you didn't name her Bertha. :)

Poor pastor, but when his wife hears his side the story, she'll be glad she stayed home.
Funny, funny! Reminds me of a note the wife left her husband one day, "I'm out of estrogen, and I have a gun."

Yep, a wide berth. Great writing!
A really fun read. I went from disliking Patty to knowing too well her dillema. Great job!
Great dialogue and characters! Fun read.
Great dialogue. A really fun read.
This is a great, lighthearted look at a very trying time for women and their hubbies. Well done.
Nicely written piece showing how squabbles can snowball into a possible divorce if not carefully handled. It's a tough job for the pastor, but it's ultimately God who keeps a marriage together.
This reminded me of the perils of marriage counselling - many pitfalls and much silent prayer!
I love how you have brought it all to life, and left us hanging at the end, because there is always more to ...
Oh, this is great. I really enjoyed it. And I can so relate, LOL.
Ha ha ha ...poor Perry!
(I love how she explained her disappearance to preserve the true!)
Haha, too funny and all too real, I'm sure for many couples.