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Oh wow! I thought your story was really good and then you turned it around and made it really personal. Wow! Now I'm speechless:)
Not that it's not still really good, let me clarify that! It's a very good story. It's just that you turned it around and made it excellent. You opened it up to carry it on to another level. Wow!
The dialog sounds so real throughout this piece as exchanges are made between the family members. The ending left me with this question--why is the mother keeping Andrew a secret from her children--did she give him up as un unwed mom in her younger years. . .or?
You set the bait and I'm biting. I'll wait for this to be continued in another entry.
Excellent story, though the significance of the flashback slid past me on first reading. There's a lot packed into the 750-word limit, and chapter two is not far away, I hope.