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What a beautiful poem and message. Sometimes, I just don't see the picture from God's perspective.

I think I'll place it in my favorites, so I can reflect on the poem more.
Simply profound! A masterpiece with a message!
This is beautiful. You've worded it so well and shown in a kind and gentle way how God knows best and see - in fact paints! - the bigger picture. Well done, I really love this.
God's design is so perfect. Thank you.
Great flow, great message. Thoroughly enjoyable :-)
great poem, great way to address the theme, i do hope that it is a winner because good poetry is always a pleasure.
I wrote a poem on a similar topic along time back... in fact it was only my second entry i think in the beginners section of the Faithwriters weekly challenge tipping my toe )or my brush) in as it were.
Mine was called The Masterpiece.

Yours is a masterpiece too and i hope it is a winner.
love the rhythm love the word picures, love the simplicity/complexity of the subject matter and the 'look deeper' idea of it all. :-)
For His thoughts are not our thoughts, nor are His ways our ways. As the heavens are higher than the earth, So are His ways higher than ours and His thoughts than our thoughts.Sometimes we cannot comprehend why certain things have to happen in our lives, but we can be assured of this one thing—our God reign supreme, and all things work together according to His will.

This is an excellent and well-written piece describing inward sentiments. I especially like the part on the healing of an aching heart which on reflection shows a work of art. Thank you for sharing this heart-felt poem. God bless.

Congrats on placing 12th with this! Wonderful poetic creativity, as usual for you. Amazing what we see when the scales drop from our eyes...and we recognize what He sees.
What A great message. I've never thought of the world and all it it quite that way. But it makes perfect sense. Congratulators for placing 10th in Masters and 12th overall!