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I could picture the whole setting and story. Your tales draw the reader in and (and this reader never wants to leave!). Excellent for the topic!!
It was a great read from start to finish. Very good with the dialect too.
This is wonderful. You portrayed the scene so well, and captured the fear of the women, especially Sally, so well. It would have been so hard for people, such as Sally, to have their methods and way of life, no matter how 'outlandish' challenged by what they would have seen as equally outlandish modern ways. Well done.
Your story was well-written and captures an age old question--science or nature?

I'm just glad as you pointed out, that God's in control of it all.
Such a creative entry for this topic! Absolutely drew me in to the point that I wanted to hear more. This is a winner in my book!
Oh, this was fun. Cut right into the scene without much ado. The dialogue was great, the story had a good flow, and the ending was perfect. This is micro-fiction at its finest!
Brilliantly written - your descriptions of the various characters in this story was really masterful. Wonderful writing.
You transported me to the cottage and I could hear the voices with their gentle Scottish brogue.

Well done! I love the ending: Dont matter neither way to me. John edged through the tight circle. Ive got a baby boy and me Matties fine. Thanks be to God Himself.
i liked this. I was puzzled as to where this remote place was and hat era you were writing about. I see someone realised/guessed it was Scotttish and then it does make sense :-) Maybe a little hint would have helped this puzzled reader.
I got a little confused at times and felt that the doctor was rather rude about the superstitions of the locals.
I am glad you ended it on a positive note.
Awesome story, totally drew me in and made me feel like I was there watching it all.