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I caught something here I think you threw: a double [or perhaps even triple] entendre in your message? Who was really the outlandish one in the story? The new music minister or Elmira? Or maybe even Anne in Elmira's surprised surmise after her rebuke. At any rate, nice twist and good character development within word limit.
It is too bad that music is splitting churches apart. I like all types of music from traditional to contemporary. The only problem I have is when the words of the song are not clear.

One sentence was a little confusing. When you were talking about hymns--the message was plan as could be (paraphrase).

You packed a lot of punch in such a limited amount of space.
I sing in a choir and sit on the deacon board, and don't we have the drum discussion often. I loved the the line that resolved the issue -- A storm can be God teaching us to be still and listen to His voice."
This piece could benefit from proofreading; one example -- this spoke the gospel as plan as good be. LOVED the title -- the old trashing the young