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Wow. Tears > in my eyes :( This is so sad but has hope woven through it like the quilt that embraced the young newlyweds.My heart goes out to the narrator. Death is not something any of us want to go through, especially when it is a young newly married spouse, a loving parent or a child.
Although our lives can take a turn and suddenly be full of heartache it is Christ who offers a brighter day.
Sometimes our mountain appears insurmountable, nor during a time like this do we have the desire to climb it but with God's help we can and once we begin, the journey becomes easier. Very touching story! So glad that Jamie taught her how to be a "survivor." Great writing and feeling!
This was beautifully written. Heartfelt. I could feel her heartache and I could picture the scenes as they were set up. It had me right up to the end but I was dissapointed when she said that her husband was her strength instead of God. The death of a loved one leaves a terrible void that only God can fill.
Pass the kleenex please! This entire story has such a realness to it--I felt as though the MC was sitting across my table as she exposed her brokenness to me. I was completely pulled into the moments of this heartbreaker. And that's great writing!
Yay! Congrats on your win! This is so touching I was glad to see that you placed. God bless you.
Well done, dear sister! I am unendingly impressed with your ability to weave a very believable story that makes me care about the characters in it. Not surprised at this award and very proud of you!
The story felt so real. The pain and tears just enveloped me. I don't know if it was a true story or not, but the writing rang with truth and clarity.

Congratulations on your EC award. Keep up the wonderful writing.