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I loved this. I really, really loved this. The voice is just gorgeous...though a bit modern at times.
I was a little confused by the name Joshua (which is of course correct) so that was a fun twist.
A meaningful and enjoyable piece of writing. Very creative take on the topic, too.
Fabulous perspective on this story. Great characterization. Really liked this.
You always manage to capture my attention; whether you use a slightly quirky sense of humor or educate me with words that make me think. Congratulations on your HC. I'm glad to see you writing again.
Well written and with just enough angst to allow the reader to identify and ponder with the MC. I'm assuming it's Herod Antipas' birthday he's waiting for. So much historical relevance in your article. Congratulations on your EC and glad to see your work again. Good luck on your continued studies.
Brilliant work, Gregory. A well-deserved placing for something you have thought through and prayed through so obviously. I love your characterisation, for it brings out the natural human questions that we preachers love to skip over until we manufacture the straw-man issue that we can so easily demolish.
John the Baptist's death appears so meaningless that it could almost trivialise his life; though his present lifestyle and accommodation are most likely well up to scratch by comparison. It's good to see your work again, and seeing it so well recognised. Blessings on you.