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It's taken a few reads for me to click with this one, (possibly due to the background din from my kids!). For me, there are 2 pictures being portrayed in this, one about wild geese and the other, so subtly, about the human spirit. I'm so glad I took the time to keep reading this beautifully written piece.
This is beautiful. No matter how sick I feel when I hear the geese calling I must get out of bed and wave to them.
Your words and imagery are beautiful. This is a wonderfully creative take on the topic.
Beautiful and evocative imagery and rhythm.
Absolutely lovely--wish I'd written it.
Free verse is always a challenge to me( no pun intended.:-) I also had to read it over several times (probably as it should be)to appreciate the beauty of the words and to play with the different subjective interpretations. I often think that poetry has something in common with the Scriptures. The more you read it, the more meaning you glean from it.

Thanks for a great piece of art.
This is hauntingly beautiful, and gets better with each read.
i love this and i can see it set to music and spoken with the background film of the geese in flight.
well it is on my top ten list for definite and thank you for writing it.
This piece fills my heart with a peace, and a longing, wrapped together. You have a talent for using words to move a soul. Congratulations.
Yes! top of the tops :-) congrats
Simply beautiful! Nostalgic pictures filled my mind as your poem progressed and I was at one with the fields and the geese. Great job.
Wow. This is EXCELLENT! I love the feeling you put into your poetry! Congratulations on first place, Jim!!!!
Congratulations on BOB for this week Jim with your wonderful poem!
Beautiful poem and great writing. Congratulations and God bless.
The wild geese flying away always reminds of the end of a season and the beginning of a new one.

You are a gifted poet who can make the words come alive and turn them into the emotions of the soul.

Congratulations on your 1st place EC award. I sometimes am able to tell it is yours by the use of small letters.