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Hilariously delightful descriptions from boss Belinda to mammoth-middled mamas. Amusing alliteration--see, you even got me doing it! I was hoping someone would come up with a story of a sale and this one did not disappoint!

(One small curious question: driver’s license, pre-age 21, the photo is a side view? Is this something new? Or perhaps particular to certain states?)
Great chuckling going on here as I enjoyed this read. Great descriptions and character study.
To answer the Q regarding the license, I remember my drivers license picture had me facing sideways until I was 21. I have no idea why, but that's the way it was in Washington State back in 1970something... ;)
LOL! I would give you the Amazing Alliteration Award, if it was mine to give. :) From your alliterative title to the end -- what a perfect and super creative story for the topic! I loved knowing the inner thoughts of this newly of-age male. Your last line blows me away! :)
Too. Hilariously. Funny.

I've read this four times now and I pick up something different each time. Masterfully written by the master herself:)
This is a delight to read! The references to the waterbeds made me giggle BTW 21 is not too old to be living with parents says the emptynester. But my 21 yo son is happy on his own and we don't even have a waterbed. :)
Brilliant! I enjoyed the clever blowout of "B" words. :) This was an absolute joy to read! Loved all of Blake's quips.

I also loved the fact that Blake found his girl! No more living across the hall from parents. :) Though I think it was wise of him to stay with his parents until getting married. The world just doesn't understand that sort of wisdom.

Anyway, very well done! I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Loving all those bodacious broads and beautiful Bs. I can tell you had fun writing this one. Too much fun!