The Official Writing Challenge
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What a fun poem to read. Silly students, not to want your handouts. I'll take 'em!
I usually pass by poems, but this one caught my attention. Great work.
Sounds like a super prepared teacher! May I sign up? You make it all sound fun and entertaining!
Oh my - what a love of words you express here! I'd sit under your tutelage in a heartbeat! Thanks for sharing this whimsical (but serious, too!) advertisement for your handouts.
Create, fun and appreciated by this writer. Enjoyed.
You can even make a list of handouts entertaining, Verna! Great meter, rhyme, and word choices. Even tho there is no plot per se, I still wanted to keep reading.
Brilliant and fun! I think I laughed the most at "Caesars Funerals Oration." :)

Congrats for your win on this hodgepodge of awesomeness!
SO completely FUN. I smiled the whole way through. Still smiling! Love the format you used, too. Just one looong list. You rock, Verna! :)
Congrats, dear friend. <3
Congratulations, dear friend, on your well-earned EC!
Brilliant! Written by a true teacher. Good fun. Congrats on your EC.
Oh I love this! You have such a delightful sense of humor. Plus you have rhythm and can rhyme! Congratulations on the well-deserved EC.
Oh Verna! What a delightful, clever entry! I can't wait to share it with my sister and my friend who is also a poet. Your English teacher experience gave you the enviable position of making this sort of thing informative but also just plain fun. I can only imagine what you were like in the classroom! I'm sure no one fell asleep or was bored with a teacher who could produce something this entertaining and good!
This is really something. Quite a hodgepodge, truly!
Oh, I love this delightful poem! Congrats!
oh wow, Love this! A perfect title compliments this! Super congrats, Verna!!!
I had to read this out loud. It seemed to accelerate as I went along. I began smiling. It's a teacher's list, for sure!
Congratulations, Verna!