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the title pulled me in- how could you resist reading that?!

I love the story but it's way too quick- this would make a fun short story (longer than this- a 3-4K word one) or maybe even a novel if fleshed out right.
But as is it was too this, then that, then this-- and wham that's our ending, done.

But hear me, this is a fun, fun story that is capable of really haunting moments and real depth.

my two cents :)
A second reading helped me understand a few details of the story that at first were somewhat fuzzy to me. I loved the feisty Spinster and I'm not so sure the sudden light in The Reverend's eye was solely due to the situation at hand.

With that thought in mind, the title could have been The Spinster and the Fox:-)
I love this story!! I want more, too. I would love to read this as a part of a novel with the main theme being the plague in a village (with a happy ending of course!).
I like the story, but think the constrained word count works against it; my skeptical side wants to say "Oh, really? Just that quick and easy, and she's okay with her life being turned upside down?" I feel like there's a much bigger story here, straining at the seams to come through -- I'd really like to know more about how these two people are drawn together by a really hard time, to help me believe a determined spinster changes her mind in such a complete reversal -- or so see why it's not such a big reversal as first appears. I really like the story as it is, limited by the Challenge format; but I also think it could be even better, outside of the Challenge restrictions, with room to grow up into itself more fully :)
A fitting title and a fun ending. Well done.
I really enjoyed this and agree with the previous comments. While the word count constraints made for wrapping it all up neat and tidy quickly, it was entertaining.
I thought this was well written considering the word limit constraint!
You managed to grab me right away and keep me all the way to the end. This could let a great novel or an episode on a Little House or Dr Quin- like show. Great job!
Fun--from title to the end.
This would make a great play. I love the spinster's character, and it's such a cute story!
So sweet. It made me smile. I did get caught up in the story and heroine is so well fleshed out that a whole another chapter or book could be written around her - and her possible "new" husband.
Masterfully done....
Congratulations for ranking 26th overall.
Hey Shirley! This is a fun read. You do have some parts that need to be cleaned up a bit. They were a little unclear but overall - it was clever and romantic. So glad to see you writing again! Keep it up and you'll get your super writing skills back again! I've been in hiding, too. Let's make a comeback together, yes? :)
Shirley, I'm going to feature this on the Front Page Showcase for the week of November 28. Look for it on the FaithWriters home page--and congratulations!