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You managed to take 744 words:-)and turn them into a suspense-filled, intriguing story with a perfect ending; for the story and the character.You even threw in a
mini-lesson about deafness:-)

Well written and enjoyable.
This was a very interesting perspective. I've never thought about how the hearing impaired face crises in life such as this one. I wonder, was the text from his wife a divinely appointed one?!
Very vivid, and the detail of the hearing-impaired protagonist not being able to understand the assailant is a great extra unexpected twist inside the main unexpected twist :)
A well deserved sip of the bubbly for your MC. He earned it by staying around to share his interesting story. I'm a retired banker so this was an enjoyable to read for me.
Wow you sure can write a suspenseful story. I enjoyed every word and could easily see it play out as a scene from a TV show. It may be a tad weak on topic more of a Break Out than Outbreak maybe butI think it was wonderful and well-written. And it could represent an outbreak of crime. So you may have covered the topic more than you think.
Each detail added to the suspense of your story. I really enjoyed the read.
Your story, on topic and detailed, was full of suspense and a pleasure to read. A mini drama in less that 750 words. Great job.
Excellent writing! Intense and detailed.. makes you hang on every word. Not sure how it fits the topic but I really enjoyed your story.
Personally felt it did meet the topic with the outbreak of fear. Amazingly suspenseful in so few words. Well done!
Creative approach to the topic, and an excellent read -both suspenseful and engaging.
Great Story, L! I was emotionally drawn into this tale quite easily. I was excited at the idea of the final downpayment going in; I was shocked at the vibration in the air and the blood drop splatters; and I was terrified when the gunman spoke to the narrator, not knowing him to be deaf.

Awesome tale!