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This is definitely creative.

I was a bit confused at times, but that may just be me. :)

I did catch the general gist of the story, though, and I liked it!
Wow! Okay. This isn't an entry you can skim through and 'get it.' Definitely not. :) Excellent. I read it through twice and understood it better. Another read and I would understand it even better. Very very cleverly written.
The devil can really do a number on a person if we allow him only an inch to enter. I'm glad the MC listened to Abba in the end. Nice job complex but with an important message, its message might be different to each reader. That's a difficult thing to achieve.
I catch shades of many Bible stories here, from the Prodigal Son (with feeding pigs) and the references to his father (Abba) to the story of King Ahab confiscating Naboth's vineyard (after the "bitter herb" lies accused him of cursing God). I love your "cumulo-nimrod." Congratulations on your Editor's Choice award!
Congrats again, Nancy! Nice job harvesting this medley from the Word garden. I liked your description of the tempter of our souls as a scarecrow--w/ a "bent body like a crumpled leaf on a rusty sickle".
Congratulations on your EC for truly creative writing.
I like the vivid descriptions and sense of place in this story. Excellent dramatization of the eternal struggle.
Well thought out and creative piece of writing. I liked the scarecrow description also. Those short stanzas were well placed. Congratulations on your well deserved EC!