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Ha! This is sweet and funny and adorable, all at the same time...
These two little guys! ... Adorable, brave, resourceful... and about the teeth -- LOL! What a creative title and story!
Funny! I could relate to this...had to move away and leave friends behind.
Sniff, sniff. . .love how these little guys came alive on the page, trying to be brave yet they were so sad. I did the blood sister thing when my best friend moved away. This was a tender and sweet telling of how important those early friendships are.
There should be a way to keep these two together! Adorable.
What a sweet, tender story. I love the part about the missing teeth. A grandmother of one of the little first graders, at church, told his son not to pull anymore teeth out. She said if he lost any more teeth, he wouldn't be able to eat.

It is so difficult to move away from your best friend at this age. I hope we hear about these young MCs at another time.
This is precious. It's so what kids mould have done in the 70s, there might even be a few today who aren't caught up in computers and videogames. I'd love to see it be a picture book if there were a way to tell kids today they shouldn't mix blood or glue loose teeth in their mouth. It truly was a fun read and took me back to simpler times.
WHat a cute story and it made me laugh out loud. Great characterization. Enjoyed this much.
Such fun...I loved those two little boys!
Wonderful dialog and story line. Well done.
Great dialogue. Very well written. The story rang true and touched my heart. But Gorilla Glue? Really? Theres a reason God gave me girls! (But I did love the story.)
This is adorable! And would make a great kids book about friendship and loyalty.
Cute ...
How adorable! You captured the essence of childhood so perfectly, and what a great idea for this topic. Well done!
A fun story and realistic dialogue. Enjoyed. Great writing.