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I REALLY liked this candid and thought-provoking devotional/account. You caught my attention right away with your personal story and then I just love how you segued into presenting the timeless truths from Scripture. You made me think and I appreciate that. Great job!
What a powerful testimony. I really liked how you wove the beautiful hymn throughout.

Your last few paragraphs felt a little repetitive, and had me skipping some sentences.

The ending line was perfect for wrapping up your wonderful message. Thanks!
Very good. Super message clealy presented. It blessed me.
Thank you for sharing this with us. I married at thirty-six, so I can definitely relate to your uncertainty, yet I am so thankful that God made me wait for my perfect mate.

This is good because it is written in truth; we dont doubt you for a moment. If we could write fiction half as convincingly, wed all be doing great. Well done!
You did I wonderful job illustrating an issue I often have, the need to feel loveable- yet God has been, is, and always will love me in all my faults and mess-ups. Nicely done.
What a great story for this topic. Thank you for sharing.
I appreciate the depth you had to dig to reveal yourself to the reader. It isn't easy, is it? Yet, you shared this in such a way that it is interesting and very telling and heartwarming at the same time. We've all been down that road to some degree. Only a true Christian can see God in this trial. Love you for sharing.
I appreciate your openness before God and your willingness to share your lessons learned here in this well written piece.May God continue to bless your faithfulness.
Amazing grace testified too. God is so good. You have written words of encouragement that will bless all who read your story.
One of my favourite hymns, too.

Painfully honest, skillfully written. Thank you for sharing your heart.
Great message here about God's grace, faithfulness, and our need to surrender our obsessions to the Lord. I often find myself obsessing in my mind over when and where I will meet my future spouse. It prompts me over and over again to hand my desires over to God and let Him take care of the details. Your last sentence really spoke to me.

Great thoughts in this piece!