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Beautiful poem!
Your poet's soul touched me deeply with this haunting and poignant message to your loved one. Your opening lines "If I never bleed another poem -- Or dip my quill deep into my vein" demonstrate (once again) your mastery! I'm in awe!

Beautiful poem. I love your phrasings the change from vein to soul was inspired. I also appreciate the imagery of writing; it really doesnt just happen like some kind of fortunate magic. The rhythms worked very well, almost like a song. Good job!
The opening lines were some of the best I've read in poetry. Beautiful work.
What a romantically stirring poem--absolutely wonderfully penned. I was going to pick a favorite verse, but it turns out each one is my favorite. Great work!
I felt like you were talking just to me and I felt so special and had tears in my eyes. Thank you,
Oh yes! I love this--poetry the way it's supposed to be.
You write it wonderfully!
So real and intimate I found myself holding my breath. Thank you, Henry, for being one of the first poets who consistently draws me into your work. You have a rare gift.
Your poetry transends time and seems to be rooted in another day and age when each word carried so much meaning.
Another very special piece that I enjoyed immensely.
I don't know how you do it! But if I knew that secret, I could do it too--but I'm certain I would never do it this well, even so....
Awe-inspiring, totally moving, with a precious personal message for everyone who is fortunate enough to read it. Thank you.
Wow! So lovely and subtly romantic ... okay, very, most truly romantic! It shows the essence of true love which lasts forever.

I also admired the ingenious way you described poetry "flowing from your veins." I think that all writers can identify with this. The way our writings become a part of us, part of our lifesblood, because they bubble up from our soul.

Brilliantly done, as usual!
Ouch!! I felt it!!
I am so glad I read this incredibly beautiful and searing poem/tribute.
Thank you for sharing, Henry.
Congratulations for placing 9th in your level and 15th overall!