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Masterfully done! Ah, the good old days...thanks for refreshing the memories. So lifelike.
Good thing mother sent him outside. I could relate. very well done.
This was a fun train-of-thought story. I was enjoying the ride, but was a little concerned about the lack of tension, right up until when you had the lad climb the fallen log over the creek (what were you thinking!), and then the boulder (you want tension, I’ll give you tension!). This was a well written and thoroughly enjoyable piece.
Oh, this was good! I was hoping he wouldn't fall into the water, and that it would just be a happy, fun piece. You didn't disappoint.
What happened to the moms who made their kids go outside and use their imaginations? I enjoyed this in its entirety. Got a little nervous when you introduced the creek crossing adventure, but all's well that ends well. Your words painted pictures, scene after scene--this would make a great illustrated children's book.
This took me back to my childhood when kids could play outside for a while with mothers. although when I think of some of the thing I did- like Sammie crossing the using creek ~ it's a good thing God was watching out for me.
You did a wonderful job of painting a picture of a little boy's view of eternity. Excellent writing.
What a sweet story. I was also a bit concerned about the lack of tension, but the ride was so much fun, I didn't mind.
This brought back happy memories for me also. Romps around the woods, trips to watch the ducks at the brook, and sledding down hills in the winter.

I held my breath when the MC went across the log, but I'm glad his adventure ended happily.
Beautifully done--saw each scene, but anticipated a much different, more tragic ending. I was glad his "while" didn't turn into "eternity" through a misadventure.
What a wonderful collection of action shots here. I was also wondering if some eternal tragic dimeniosn was lurking, but truly time flies when you're having fun - though as Kermit might say "time's fun when you're having flies."