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This is a winner for sure! Beautiful hidden depths of insight. This is going to my favorites list!
03/04/11 wrote this in 24 hours? I am impressed. I also like the fact that the butterfly is a always hear about "lady" bugs and "frilly butterflys." Makes me think this insect was a writer in disguise?
What a fun story, and I like your take on the topic. Seemed a trifle rough around the edges, but your voice was engaging and kept me in the story. Well done!
Very creative use of the topic. I really enjoyed the read.
Very interesting approach to the topic, though I was concerned that your MC seemed almost so depressed that he might commit insecticide... But very enjoyable read.
I thought this was very cute. Loved the concept.
LOL at Noel.
I like this story. I smiled the whole way through, and even felt my stomach lurch in sympathy when he fell off the branch! If this is what you are able to do in 24 hours, I must read some of your other pieces!
I loved this story. It was so clever and filled with much truth.
Such a fun read. Loved how the time consuming task paid off in the end! Thank you for a valuable lesson and reminder in that.
This is a fun story that has the feel of Hermie meets A Bug's Life while at the same time having a very grown-up vibe. I can relate to this little insect in several ways ... makes me want to spread my wings and fly!
Very creative and fun to read with a good moral to boot. I especially liked that he didn't recognize who he was immediately; and was even a little afraid of it at first. Much to think about here.
I like the layers of messages in this piece--especially when Alfred didn't recognize himself as the beautiful butterfly. How often we don't recognize the gifts God gives us, and so they go unused. I'm pondering now. Thanks.
This is so very very lovely!
I am always telling my teenage daughter how God protects us in our little cocoons till we are ready to meet the world as a butterfly.
She sat reading this with me now-both of us with smiles on our faces:)