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I like this story.

The years 1911 and 1998 threw me at first, but after I did the math, I figured out it was probably possible. :)

Great job with this one.
I love the song - does it actually have a melody? It was a upligting story! Well written.
It's the Beatles song, "Something" as I was reading your lines WERE so familiar! then after I got to the end, it all made sense, and I went back with the melody and it all fit! HOW COOL! What creativity! You brought a smile this evening!
oh... and as I was reading, Granny "Lennon" I was thinking Beatles :)
You win, Beth. I didn't think anyone would make the connection and everyone would think I am crazier than what they think I already am. I am so glad one person figured it out. God bless you!!!!!!!!!!
This won't place, but knowing at least one person figured it out, is a victory for me.
And yes I know George Harrison wrote the song, but maybe John helped him with the melody; remembering how it was hummed to him as a child. Granny Harrison would not have been a very good clue; and McCartney too obvious.
So that's the story of the confusing story. :)
LOL! :) well, welcome to the "Crazy Club" You certainly brought a LOT of smiles with this.
Apparently I'm just a hair too young to know the Beatles songs that well but I still liked your sweet story.
Oh, this is too fun! Thanks Beth, I knew it had to be something from the Beatles (sorry) but I couldn't figure out what.

I loved the lyrics even without the tune. I just liked the whole story. This may or may not be an EC, I don't know, but stories like this simply need to be enjoyed. Thanks.