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Yes! Out of the box & out of the tomb! I really liked this. Very different. And I can relate to the kind of inner dialogue the MC is having.
So interesting and clever! Love the voice and the take on the topic is so unique. Great writing.
The one-sided converstation is very creative!
I love it!!
I really like the "flavor" of this one, Henry! You did a great job with this monologue; the progression is excellent!
Very creative, different. It's not easy to make a one sided dialgoue two dimensional but you did it.
This works so well! I love the message portrayed, (and the line "I can get up off the floor now?" - very funny). Great job!
Hard-hitting, deeply thought-provoking and brilliant. By the time I reach 'People believe you rose from the dead,
say they believe in you,
and then want to sneak back their sins again,' I have a lump in my throat. Why do we do it? The price has been fully paid for those who have believed. Thank you for this wonderful reminder.

Let me pause to take a deep breath here. This was simply fabulous. Unique, driven, and oh-so-true for all of us. I hope to see this on top come Thursday!
I enjoy any writing from your amazingly creative mind. This is quite special.
Unique and entertaining with a great message. I like how your mc used the same words to back out of his predicament as going into it. It was like walking down a path and giving a blow-by-blow description of what you see but then doing it again in reverse when you walk back up the path...hope that made sense. Anyway, I liked this a lot.
Amazing! I love the metaphor of wanting to go back to the deadness of the tomb, back to where our sins were buried when we accepted Jesus. He released us from that death! Why, indeed, would we want to go back?

You always have a fresh and interesting way of getting someone to think.

Great ending also! It was like ending with a challenge ...
I'm so glad to see this on the EC list. Well deserved placement. What a moving poem.
Pure genius, Henry - I wiah I had written it. It was so imaginative and I heard echoes in my own heart! You monologued well.
Congratulations on placing with this really great poem, Henry. I love seeing your name in lights!
I loved the message and monologue. I couldn't have said it any better.

Congratulations on your EC award. I love to read your pieces, so much creativity.
The conflict is palpable and real. The honesty enough to still a crowd. Now that is really, really good work! Congratulations, Henry C.