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Oh, I really like this piece. I like how you stirred the twangs of mixed emotions and pain with humor and topped it with a bit of cream at the end. Great job. The MC's thoughts and feelings were so relateable. Nicely done!!
Once again you have revealed a bit of the mysterious wonder that is woman. Downright dead-on descriptions.
Congratulations on your light touch on the deep questions and feelings that are part of the territory of emotional growth.
Marriage really is a delicate dance, isn't it? This one tells it like it is and you do it with beautiful style.
The tension between the two was tangible. Her dream description of herself, "tired trail of white feathers, frayed at the edges" in relation to her real life, speaks volumes. I loved the descriptions of their kids, "hyper toddler-twins" and a "seven-year-old with pyrotechnic tendencies." I smiled at the things her father taped to the mirror contrasted with what she wanted to tape to his forehead. Love this!
I like how you just taught a simple brief lesson in marriage through this entry. Great feel of stress unwinding into the flicker of romance. Nice. :)
Decompression and vacation -- that's something I can relate to. Except, it usually took me 2 to 3 days to leave the work place behind and enjoy the time away. Well done.
Oh, the complexities in human relationships - particular between spouses. A good lesson in being up front or rather never too late to put things right.
This presented a very realistic view of a day in the life of a couple who definitely needed a little "down time". I like the delicate way you handled the intimate exchanges. Two thumbs up from me.
I like this story - very real. I especially like how things were worked out. Very nice job! (And I love the title.)
What a beautiful story to indicate the difference between duty and love in a marital relationship. Also, your carefully sculpted words demonstrate well how a little separation in communication from each other, plus some communication with God can mend a tired, stressed spirit.
What a beautiful show of what happens when we don't act on emotion! It may not always happen in 24 hours, but it does indeed happen! This is very well done!
I love the understatement here. Even as someone who has yet to tie the knot, I felt and empathized and was carried through the story. Wonderful, my friend.
Loved the way you made this story unfolded in an undulating rhythm. Feelings of distaste, to love, to distaste to love., etc. But never, apathy. Thank goodness never apathy. I liked too, how you made memory a part of why we feel and sometimes act the way we do.
Very entertaiing and enjoyable story. More great characters developed. I loved the interesting opening and discriptive transistions betweens scenes. My fav line was, "And guilt become your benefactor." And the ending was perfect. You can tell that love and respect and the relationship between the two are very important to your MC. A great entry, Lisa. God Bless.
Congratulations on yet another beautifully written, wonderfully portrayed, well-won story!
Congratulations, Lisa! This was very well-written; you drew me right in!
WOOHOO! I'm so glad this one won. Congrats on an outstanding entry!
Way to go, Lisa. Great job and congrats!!!!!!!!!!
Beautiful, Lisa! I loved how your 'hero' was not the stereo-typical hunk, but actually almost a little ugly and how your MC had fallen in love with him because of his character. I also loved the oh-so realistic nuances of emotion in their marriage - something I could really relate to. Congratulations on your 1st place EC!
Congratulations Lisa on your wonderful descriptive and humorous (but full of truth) story!
Congratulations, dear Friend, on yet another wonderful story and well-deserved first place win!
: ) Nice to see this, Lisa. Congratulations. Love reading your work. Loren
LOVE it! What a refreshingly honest confession of wife/motherhood and what happens to desire! Thanks for your forthrightness!
Congratulations, Lisa! Definitely a strong entry--not sure why you felt otherwise. I confess, as a guy, I found Landon frustrating, but certainly realistic. My favorite descriptions were those of the dreams that began the segments.
This is great! Congratulations on your first place EC!
Congratulations on your 1st place win, Lisa. I liked the dream scences woven throughout. I thought your insights into marriage were wonderful; every relationship needs down time.
Ditto to EVERYTHING everyone else has said. Congratulations. I thoroughly enjoyed a peak into this couple's really does reflect what so many of us experience in our own marriages. Loved the ending.

Thank you Lisa! This makes an interesting easy to read article. Its humour grabs me by the throat so I go on reading and it keeps on coming as a vivid story.
I love how you put into words what cannot be put into words. The emotion, the feelings, the frustrations, the love, the's all there. Congratulations on your first place and EC. Wow!
Ah, twins. I'm a sucker for any story that has twin babies or toddlers even mentioned. And yes, my wife was the woman and I was the man, and you described it all so beautifully. Great piece such a rare, insightful story. Congratulations on your well deserved win!
You just know how to do it! You make writing seem so easy. The complex emotions came through so clearly. You are definitely an artist of words. I love to read what drips from your pen.