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This is so incredibly sad and lovely. You had me right there in the room with them. I want to cry for him - and cheer for him; both at the same time. Very well done!
This tugged at my heart from start to finish--the love, the expectations, the loss of life, the beginning of new life and all the emotions woven within the moments--a beautifully written piece that touched me in a deep way.
Oh, I have chills now. I loved the scenes you set. Very nice job. and the ending is so sad but well done.
A heart wrenching piece so well written and poignant. Loss of loved ones, especially when a young child is left with just one parent is so saddening. I'm sure most of us have known this happen to someone in our own small circle.
Powerfully and tenderly written. Well done.
A moving piece that well describes the fact we care to ignore, that we have control over nothing, not even our next breath. This piece has nice contrast, life and death, in microcosm. Well done.
This is so heartbreaking and yet so wonderfully written - You draw us readers into the story so well that I had my heart in my mouth, longing for the ending not to be as it was.
I felt that your introduction was a little protracted but once you got into your narrative there was no stopping you. Painfully and tenderly exquisite.
Haunting, lovely, and a winner! Congratulations on your EC!
Another tug at my heart strings. Well done.
Your story broke my heart--so well written. Congratulations on a most deserving EC.
Congratulations on your well deserved placing Loren with this heart rending and wonderful story.
Ah, one of your most beautiful ones yet. There is so much feeling and emotion in here--it catches you by surprise. I love the lyrical, bittersweet feeling of this. Glad I didn't miss it and Congrats on a well-deserved EC! ^_^
I loved the introduction and how it came full circle with the last line. The flow of this entire story was poetic. I don't expect anyone to understand unless they've experienced it themselves but grief and sadness can have it's own poetic beauty and strength. Congratulations on your well-deserved win.
Hauntingly beautiful. You touched my soul with your story. It is always difficult to lose a child, yet the emotions you created in your piece left me teary long after I had finished it.

Congratulations on your well deserved win.