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2022 isn't very far away, but the way things seem to be changing, this fictional piece could be closer to the truth than we think.

Very clever way to incorporate the topic and protect His Word. What would we really do if we only had one year? Good thoughts to ponder.
Jael is the perfect name for your little girl. The supreme commander didn't fear her, neither did Sisera fear Jael in the OT story. A sharp two-edged sword a tent peg. Your creativity tops the charts. I love your story!
I will never look at my Nook in the same way again! *shiver*. It's funny, but I still remember KJV Bible verses I memorized as a child in PUBLIC school! My--how things have changed. This is a great sci-fi piece and shows your ability to write well in an unfamiliar (to you) genre! Love it.
I like this "out of the box" speculative treatment of the topic. I certainly hope this isn't the future by that date, but only God knows! Thanks for sharing this.
Creative take on the topic. I enjoyed reading this. I grinned at the part where you wrote about the "banned t's". Made me grin. Keep writing!
So very creative!! Well done. I like Pffft. What harm can come from a girl and her friends? :)
Oh, I don't even know what to say. This made me sick to my stomach. You made it feel so real. I think I may have nightmares tonight, This is a call to every citizen to make sure this never, ever happens. Excellent writing. This is bound to be a winner.
Clever . . . Scary . . . Much to ponder.
Reminiscent of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, albeit with a Christian slant. Could happen all too easily.
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