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Love the conclusion in particular. Perspective makes such a difference, doesn't it?
My heart went out to the MC. Glad she had a friend who knew how to meet the need. Nicely written.
This time last year can apply to so many people in many different circumstances. I'm so thankful for Godly friends who know how to get me back on track when I need it. This is a good story about friendship and accountability, as well as looking ahead to what God has in store for us!
You've flooded me with emotions. I love that help would come for her, and the hope for her future... especially for "this time next year." Tenderly written and poignant! Love it!
This time, this year, Lexi’s thinking is no different than this time, last year. So, what of God’s amazement for this time, next year, when this time, this year, is God’s amazement from this time, last year? Well, Tonya means well, and the story is told well, so all is well.
I love how you showed her inner conflict. And nice ending.
This time last year was a familiar phrase to me when my husband died. We can't help but mourn those we lose--the lives we shared-no matter how we lost them. And, it takes a LOT of time, even with God's "amazingingness", to move forward. I LOVE this story and all it shows in the MC. It is honest and has that little window of hope that next year, things WILL be better. Thanks for not taking the easy way out by making the loss instantly better--even with God. This is reality and it shows resilience, friendship, and strength.
Very honest story with no sugar coating. I love the community at the end. Excellent.
You captured the inner struggle of your MC with great realism. I'm glad she has the support of a friend and I like how it ends with hope. Well done.
Great job portraying your MC's pain. I especially liked the ending.
As someone who has crumbled and then been blessed with healing, I found this very real. You showed the raw emotion of your MC and we felt her pain. Well done.