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Wow, awesome story. Kudos.
This one hit deep. I know I would choose, if it were indeed possible, maybe selfishly, to go with The Hand on the right through that hole burning in the sky. Lovely writing.
I am like Paul Harvey...waiting to know the rest of the story.
Wow! What a powerful story and what a decision! Great storytelling.
Awesome story telling. This really touched me. I wonder, too, which hand I would choose? Love the way you let the reader find an ending.
This one gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. Great job.
WOW-Stunningly superb! To say more would do my review injustice.
Fantastic. I am hugely impressed. One of the best I have read on FW. The writing has such a beautiful, natural flow. Compelling story-line, as well. Hits just the right notes. What a pleasure to read.
I am totally in awe of this story: the incredible imagination, the gift of putting those perfect words together to create a moving, unforgettable piece which urges (no, demands) the reader also make his or her own choice. WOW!
Superb. Excellent pacing and such an enthralling tale. Love it.
Ahhh, this is beautiful! I both love and hate how you left the ending a little open. I think the last line of the poem means she chose heaven, but I'm not sure. I don't know what I would choose.
wow! okay. At first I thought that meant she squeezed Tony's hand, waking up, but now I'm not sure.
Beautiful story. This is perfect.
This is a wonderful piece. Your depection of the child you never knew brought tears to my eyes as i have had a similar experience. Some days I get so excited about going to Heaven and holding my unknown child in my arms. Thank you for sharing this work.
Oh, I have chills! You did so many great things with this piece. The number 7 is one of the special significant numbers in the Bible. I like how you used it too.

I also like how the ending is open ended. This is a work of pure genius. You're truly a Master.

My tiny red ink is due to me and not your writing, but it made me smile so I thought I'd share. You mention the bug's driver. My mind went to A bug driving. I forgot for a second VW's nickname is Bug!

Thank you for a great story on so many levels!
This piece was riveting--hooked me right from the start. Really well done.
Congratulations of placing "way high" in EC with this truly wonderful story.
Incredibly well told tale. I, too, like how you left an open ending. Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition.
Congratulations my friend. This was an outstanding piece and is one of my top five all-time favorites. I'm honored to know and be friends with such a masterful artist!
WOW! The tears came with the revelation of the little boy. What an awesome piece!
What can I say that others have not already said? Truly exceptional in every way! Loved the ending.....
Congrats on your placing with this awesome story. Excellent and unique.
I knew I liked this the first time I read it. Congratulations on placing so high in level and in EC.
Your story was mezmerizing.
I've heard that people in comas really do lie in two worlds.

Well done. I'm glad this story is going to be published.
Congratulations on your EC, Shelly and a masterful story!!
I loved this story. It was so powerful and kept me at the edge of my seat. I truly believe that Gods' Purpose is in everything even the biggest
question of all, "WHY?"