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As beautiful as a psalm. God is worthy of our praise,indeed.
What a gift- to always be able to sing with the birds, knowing without doubt that God takes care of all our needs. Soaring is a gift, indeed. Thanks for sharing this Psalm-like entry!
Henry, I always leave one of your poems with something to ponder. This is no exception. Lovely, lovely imagery with a message to match. Thank you.
This is lovely. I don't often leave comments on poetry, since I'm not a poet so feel unqualified. But I know I sure like the "feel" of this. Out of everything you could have chosen rare reddish wrens just seems perfect.
This is beautiful. God has giving you a wonderful poetic gift. Keep it up!
Henry, I learned a new tongue twister, 'rare reddish wrens ride'. I tried to say it fast about 3 times and dissolved into laughter. Then I settled down to enjoy another of your masterpieces. Laughter melted into tears as I asked God to help me to soar more.
What a lesson. What a writer.

This is simply divine and a well-timed reminder for me.
I loved the references to the wind -- especially the morning wind -- which brings sweetness, but also could carry a power we feel incapable of bearing. It is indeed a gift to soar and not "wrestle." Thank you.
Truly beautiful poem--another offering from your gifted, praiseful heart. Congratulations on placing in EC. Definitely worthy!
I am so glad this got an EC - such an amazing poem. Well done!
Glad to see this got the recognition it deserves. I could easily identify with so many of the stanza and that's what a poem should do - be introspective while, at the same moment, be universal.