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This is tender, moving, poignant all the above. The comparison of winter with the season of your MC's life was so good. I LOVE that she decides to plant something this year after all [the "thought seeds" planted by Stephen took root.]
A beautifully written family story - thanks!
Beautiful work!
Your story shows the progression of family life accurately and poignantly. I felt like I was sitting at the table with your mc and her son.
This made me chuckle in a good way. A very warm and well written story of a moment that rings so true. Excellent job. The visuals, for me, were spot on. I like how the title tied in with the ending, holding the entire piece together. I think subtle is the word I was hunting for. A very subtle, enjoyable, masterful read.
I felt like I was listening in to this mother/son conversation. So normal yet both had different thoughts running through their minds. Very nice writing. I like how it gave the mother an umph to look forward to another spring.
This brought me to tears, so emotional, so tender, so natural - perfect in every way. Loved it, love the simplicity of the title.
This story so pulled at my heart. I wanted to wrap my arms around the mc. and hold her tight. You made her seem so real to me.
Wow. But, hey, didn't expect less than wow from you :) Now if we could hand your MC a copy of my story... :)

very well done. love your knack for great phrasings.

I love understated stories, and this one is so well done in every way. That little seed of hope has been planted in this grieving Grandma's heart, and it may very well bear more fruit than she could possibly imagine. Beautiful!
I love a story that is so believable that it mkes me think of people I know to play your characters. I can think of many.
Soft, not rushed or forced. Your writing gives the reader a deep glimpse into your soul.
You asked for some serious red ink so I went back and read it again. I still think it's great, but I did notice you used a lot of dashes. I found it a tad distracting.

I know what you were trying to accomplish, but your words and pace did that. Maybe if you just used one or two.

Your dialog Was so wonderful I could feel the tension and hesitation in the room. This is a winner in my book-with or without the dashes:)
Lovely story that warms the heart. I can visualize the scene and the settings of the entire story. Excellent piece! I enjoyed the read completely.
Well done.
Congratulations for ranking 8th in Masters and 12th overall!