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I love this! I could relate to the empty-nest and ALL the emotions you so skillfully wove here. Then I was so excited for "the news" and found myself laughing and smiling.. This is great!!
I really liked this. It has a quick pace but tugged at my emotions. Excellent! Truly.
So many things I loved about this - humor, dialogue, great ending, smooth flow, good message and my favorite line: "I hate winter." Awesome!
Loved this! So many emotions. I'm not near this stage, but I've seen my parents go through it. Wonderful.
Great Dialogue makes it stand out--I've been there already, and it's really not a bad place to be!
Yes, being grandparents do change a person's outlook on life! Great story!
As the saying goes, "All's well that ends well." You've demonstrated that with this delightful story. The title didn't seem to work for me, but otherwise, it was a fun read.
I so enjoyed this! I could empathized with the MC and my nest still has a 17 yo in it! I laughed at the line about that sticking having pee on it. I will admit I was puzzled at the line "Go easy on the plastic." Then after reading your delightful story again, I still didn't get it. Finally after scratching my head for a minute or two, I said "Duh, credit cards!'' Then I chuckled one more time.
Aw, I liked this. Some good lines that made me laugh out loud- really :) And even though I *knew* why Marcus was coming over (though you tried to throw me off), I was still glad and felt a little teary & happy for your MC. The dialogue felt very real. Nice job.
Strange how life is like that, as endings often become beginnings. I love how you used the metaphor of the leaf to tell this hope-filled story of life's seasons. Well done!
Thank you for allowing us to come in and sit at the table and watch this unfold. Your writing did that for me and since this is a writing challenge...well you get an A+.
Aw, this just dripped with sweetness. You really have the husband/wife thing down in all your stories ;-)

Loved your 'poetic' take on the topic, top notch writing!
I wish I could write like that. Loved the title AND the story.
I really loved this piece of writing. I'm glad spring is just around the corner. When I look out my window and see the snow and darkness, I long to see green and the newness of life.

Fantastic story!! CONGRATULATIONS on your editors choice award!! I love your writing--can't to read your first novel!
This is soooo good. I agree. When is your book ready? I wish I could write like that. Excellent.
Told you it was good:) Proud of you, Mari!
I love this story, and I'm so glad to find it on the EC list. Congratulations!
Congratulations on your Editor's Choice award, Mari! Your story is superb!
Very good! I absolutely love this story. So glad you made the EC list. :)