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That was quite a season in the lives of the Israelites! I totally enjoyed this exchange between the cousins. You were extremely creative in your speculation between the two.
I like the part where Jakob shares the 'secret' about their clothes. :) Forty years is a looonnnnggggg season in the lives of the Israelites.
Oh, the fun of family reunions, even unscheduled ones. Certainly a creative take on the topic and an enjoyable read.
Oh, I like this!

I was confused, for a bit, about exactly when this was taking place, and whether or not the MC was the Jakob in the Biblical account.

Very good, though. I think you captured the feelings well!
What an excellent and very creative fictional account, based on the Bible, you've written I enjoyed this very much. It made me wonder how the children got along on the long journey.
It's obvious that you've thought deeply about this and I like the background fiction that you've put to it. Good job!
I don't think I've ever read a child's perspective on the Israelites' journey through the wilderness. I enjoyed reading this very creative speculation about what it must have been like for the younger members of the tribes. Good job!
What a unique idea. Loved the dynamic between the boys.
I just read this part of Genesis today (when the birthright was stolen) You really helped me understand it more and helped me relate it to my life today.
Very creative Biblical fiction. Dialogue and antics between the boys spot on. Excellent writing!