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Haunting, mysterious, sorrowful--but not without hope. I keep hearing in my mind, "in winter's corner of the year." What a lovely expression.
It sounds like a friend believed in you and kept you going or it may have been God at your side or both, most likely. This is very haunting and thought-provoking.
Oh, I like this. The irregular meter fit with the theme. Nice job.
I like the contrast in "Days have been long -- Even in winter's corner of the year." Your poem has shades of Poe.. (I hope that doesn't offend you, but I consider him a master). On my second read, I read this out loud. The inner conflict of your speaker, is tangible and your message is haunting.
Your use of language is amazing and profound. It's like being inside the heart and soul of the speaker as he struggles to comprehend his own conflicted emotions. Truly masterful writing--Very well done.
Your poetry always impacts me. I read it through and didn't realize until the end that I was holding my breath. Amazing.
Wow! It never ceases to amaze me how God has his hand in everything. I could have read this super intense piece anytime this week. But God knew I needed to read this this very second. Thank you so much.
Such.....poetry! Loved the soft and haunting descriptions
Beautifully written! I hope the writer does not wait too long for that one day.
Beautifully done. Into the pain reaches a helping hand. It alone seems to hold back the closing of the door and bring hope.
This is hauntingly beautiful. Bittersweet, with the perfect hint of hope. Excellent job!
Longing, bafflement, perplexity beautifully expressed. One of my favorite stanzas:
I want a cup of Foxglove white
Before daybreak
And dawn begins thawing
Exposing the green
Of when I believed
It’ll calm my heart
And I can sleep