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I love your last line - very poetic. Do you know that you just educated me? Prior to reading this, I knew nothing about swans. I'd heard of trumpeter swans before, but never mute swans. And even with that, I had never really thought to wonder why they were called "trumpeter" swans. Now, thanks to your story, I know!

Good job!

And, oh, by the way - I live in Swan, Iowa - seriously. We moved into this house and found that shower doors with swans etched on them had been installed as a nod to the town's name, no doubt!
The first paragraph seemed almost too detailed for me but by the end of the story I felt very appreciative of how you painted the scenes so eloquently for the reader. Your story reminded me too that until we get the whole picture, we can have a rather different perspective of the truth.
What a wonderful "once in a blue moon" occurrence! We had something similar here in the fall of '09, but with pelicans. Thousands of them decided to make a local town their rest stop. There are always a few around, but never in those numbers. So, I especially loved the theme for your story!
This would be one VERY cool experience. Great title too.
Wow, I can imagine what that would be like... though I've never seen more than one or two swans together at once. What a lovely experience, beautifully and vividly portrayed!
Such lovely poetic prose filled with wonderful imagery. Thanks to your gift with words, I was right there with the mc and the swans.
Very, very nice job. You deserve big time kudos for this one!
Loved this story. Anytime a writer can bring awareness to the stories in nature, they have my ear; and, in this case, my heart as well.
Wow... I was awed at the sight your writing portrayed. I love moments like that! Gorgeous work!