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How does that old saying go? "Variety is the spice of life that makes the world go round." :) I wanted to cheer after the husband's pep talk to his wife. I actually enjoyed and smiled at the couple's dishwasher and laundry routines. :) Great work!
I love the differences found in this friendship. They both balance each other out, for sure. Everyone needs a friend like Petra to keep us on our toes and Petra needs someone to burst her perfectly formed bubble sometimes, too. I love this story. I can relate but won't say to which friend. lol
Oh, this made me laugh! Your conversations were believable and your MC was totally relatable.

Great job!
Can I ever relate? Having some health issues, I find myself now relating to the MC when once I would have been her OCD friend. Lives sometimes change, even if it's once in a blue moon.
Love the analogies-especially virgin expresso drinker-quite the image!

Great story and love the ending.
I really love this! Drew me right in and held me there. I SO relate to the dichotomy of the two friends' lives, and the resolution coming "once in a blue moon" is perfect. I often wish I had the courage of your MC, who has enough self-esteem (and acceptance from her husband) to say it like it is.
This was hysterical. I used to be a Petra and now....I'm soooo not. Love the "realness" of your writing. As always, great job.
My favorite phrase: "chatted like a virgin coffee drinker having her first espresso". LOL!

Great story. I know a couple of Petras. Sigh. They make me tired. So glad the MC spoke her mind!
Smile...that's what friends are for.
What a great voice for your MC! I love this whole story and feel like you've got a winner on your hands! Good job!
I love this story! Your MC is incredibly real, and it's SO easy to relate to how she feels. Excellent characterizations, wonderful sense of humor... very well done!
I could so identify with one of your characters...and it wasn't Petra. I enjoyed peeking at the intimate scene of husband and wife, but I really loved how the mc go tough enough to say Tea sucks.
Truth is so liberating. It should head each of our "To Do Lists". Even though I'm a tea drinker I can identify with Petra - you created a very endearing character her. And, I'm glad to add, you made her husband wise as well.
Great, fun story. I enjoyed the dialogue. (I also like how the husband is actually the voice of reason. How often does that happen? Only in fiction, I guess :)
What can I say? As always, your writing is a perfect slice of life that teaches on far more than just one level. You are an incredible writer.
You have such a flair for dialogue. I loved these characters and could completely relate to this situation. Very very enjoyable!
Congratulations for placing9th in Masters and 11th overall!