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What a touching story. A forever reminder of love as it should be. Concerned for the person, not for things. Beautiful.
Thanks for the look into this man's HEART. Liked this: "He longed to model Christ to her...." How we wives long for this kind of forgiveness/love!
What a beautiful story. You captured so well the heart of both the man and his wife: each so hard on themselves and yet so understanding of each other. An emotional piece, beautifully balanced. God bless.
Hmm... I suppose it depends on what type of car it was..... I'm kidding! Nicely put together. Held my attention all the way through. Nice touching conclusion. Very well done.
I got a little confused as to where we were in the story a few times, but I enjoyed this. What a loving, thoughtful husband.
Such an endearingly charming story of a very special love! Well done!
I've had to make that dreaded phone call myself, so I could relate to all her thoughts and feelings. I loved his concern for her and how he checked her pulse. :) I also liked the discription of the "lanky" and "pimple faced" salesman. And being from the US, the word nutter cracks me up every time I see it! Great job!
Having wrecked our car only a few months ago, I must say this guy is a bit of a hero to be so Christlike even if it was a fake rose! But I guess Maxx is right, it does depend on the car...LOL!
Absolutely lovely. This husband is a prince among men!
This one brought me to tears as well! Thanks for sharing!
This is a great, touching story. I was a little confused, too, with your flashbacks. The phone conversation was so realistic - the confusion and relief - well-done!
Sweet, heartwarming story! I love the husband's character traits. :)
This was great! Loved it. Don't change a thing (except perhaps those one or two small typos). Thank you.
Your ending was perfect. The 'copy' won't brown and die and He did 'get it right!' You took us into the heart and mind of another - beautiful!
Lasting love, for better or worse, nicely done!
Despite each other's "mess-ups" they still love each other. A great message that there is no perfect marriage and forgiveness is essential! Good writing, dialogue, flow!
Your story outlines a great example of spirit willing but humanity falling short...we all do it as your characters portray, well drawn...
A very touching story, more husbands and wives should love each other like that.
By showing your main character's mistakes, he becomes even more lovable. This is true Christianity - not his perfectness but his love. Great story!
Val, I just wanted to pop in quickly and let you know that your entry ranked 21st overall - that's out of a total of 145 entries. So well done! Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)