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what a mischieveous MC. I wouldn't want her working for me. Would like to see more adventures from her.
This is one of my favorites this week. The emotions the girl went through with her prank (fun, horror,fear of losing her job, relief) are presented clearly. The last line is perfect.
Got a laugh out of me. Quite the character. Enjoyed the read. The ending could have went either way. Kept me guessing. Good work.
Great fun.
Oh, what a fun entry! I really laughed at this one and enjoyed it so much. Thanks for sharing it!
Got to stop laughing long enough to say... Absolutely hilarious! This was really fun to read!
This sounds so much like something I'd do. A very fun read of someone of kindred outlook when things don't go quite as planned. I liked the very realistic take of the boss' reaction, too.
So much for professional journalism! One slip of a joke like this can certainly close an agency with flood "like a tsunami of biblical proportions." I enjoyed the read. It's an interesting take on the topic.
Fun, enjoyable story. Loved the last line. Good times. (Too many bosses don't have a sense of humor. On the plus side, many, uh, socially challenged high school kids like the fish boy are often quite successful.)
Your MC sounds exactly like me in my younger days . . . except, I always got fired.
I could easily imagine an enjoyable novel with all the pranks this MC created!
You must write more of her stories... This was so enjoyable. :)