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What a touching story to read first thing in the morning. I loved it to pieces. The characters are so real. I was honestly disappointed there were no more words. I really wanted to know how their date went. And giving grandmother's phone number was priceless.
This was incredible - so cute, so romantic, so sweet...I could go on and on. Loved it and I want to know the "rest of the story"!
A pleasure to read. Has the "Sleepless in Seattle' feel to it. Very good indeed.
Fantastic. What a wonderful story. Right on its way to be saved as one of my favourites! Many thanks.
Cute story. Loved the killer twist at the end. Very very well written
An interesting read out of the usual! One thing's for surethere'll never be missed connections with God!
Fun story in a clever form. I enjoyed it. Your characters felt real. Great finish!
Hehe - loved your romantic comedy! Great ending.
Delightful with great character development. Love that grandmother.
Wonderfully creative short-story writing. It's all here: character development, humor, clever plot, romance, even a twist at the end. My favorite this week.
As I was reading this I was getting flashbacks of the witty dialogue found in "The Shop Around the Corner", "In the Good Ole Summertime" and "You've Got Mail" I hope it works out as well for these two as it did for the cast of those other romantic tales.
Great light and shade in the verbal table-tennis and the suspense of this entry. I loved the twist at the end - or is this to be continued???
I loved the end - the revelation of whose number he gave her. I liked the gentle progression of the story. It was well written - not autobiographical by any chance?
Delightful. I had to google craigslist to see what it was but that's merely a cultural blip. Excellent, captivating writing.
I thoroughly enjoyed this - it got better and better as I read on, and the ending is PERFECT! Congrats on a writing a winner, in my book. :)
What a unique and creative take on the topic. Most excellent writing!
I loved the way this came about, the formatting made it fun to read, like mini-chapters and the differing POV's really added a good twist to this. Nicely done!
Cute romance :-) Nice touch at the end
Congratulations Lisa - this SO deserved to win. A wonderful story, beautifully written , loved nby us all I think judging by the number of comments! Congrats again - and a Happy New Year!
Congratulations Lisa - this SO deserved to win. A wonderful story, beautifully written , loved nby us all I think judging by the number of comments! Congrats again - and a Happy New Year!
Congrats on your well-deserved first place. I totally loved this one! Yay for you!
Congrats on your win-well deserved! LOVED the ending!!!
Congratulations! Loved this story! You certainly know how to grab the readers attention and hold it until, The End!
Congrats Lisa. Your creativity and wit never seems to end. Loved this, loved the characters, the interaction, the end, all of it. Great job!
Congratulations, Lisa. Everything Connie said. Loved it.
Oh-ho! LOVE this! (I am definitely a romantic, and believe God is too. ;) )

BIG congrates on your very well-deserved First Place Master's and Editor's Choice Award!
Congrats. This would have been first place in my heart even if the judges didn't rank it TOPS! Super job.
I'm so happy to see you at the top of the winners' circle with this wonderful story.
Congrats Lisa. Another story with such believable characters and oh-so romantic premise - lovely!
Woo Hoo. So excited for you. I was cracking up through this whole thing...even the serious parts. I could picture this whole scene taking place. You are such a talented writer.
Lisa - I knew this was a winner the first time I read it. Congrats on your placing.
Lisa, this SOOOO deserved the win! This is awesome, and I love the ending! Wonderfully written! :)
I like all the facets of this story of interlopers. :) Great job!
Congratulations, Lisa! Awesome story:) wooooo:)
I loved every back and forth exchange in this... with just the right amount of new information revealed each time. Simply stunning writing, Lisa! Congrats, friend!
Great story! I absolutely LOVE the ending...and I'm very particular about them.
That was a great story. Very engaging and well-written. I can see why it won first place in Masters and EC!
Congratulations on your winning first place for EC and masters' level!
I'll say it again...I loved this story. Congrats, Lisa!
They were right. This *is* a must read. I loved every word. Great going, Lisa!
Hehe, I guessed who the phone number was for. Very cute story!
Dear Lisa,
As Sarah H., Mona, Margaret, Colin N., Edmond, Michael, Cheryl, Virgil, Verna, Loren, Noel, Melanie, Gregory, Chrissy, Catrina, Colin S., Sara H., Sarah E., Margaret, Kathryn, Barbara, Rita, Connie, Joy, Amanda, Joan, Sheri, Hanne, Sharlyn, Laury, Beth, Yvonne, Terri, Michele, Betty, Amy, & the editors said, you really did a great job with this! :)
Hi there,
Well done on First place. very deserving.
Enjoyed the read.
The characters were very good as was your story line.
You kept me in suspense until I read the final parfagraph.
Well done.
Words escape me. And I admit to being a tinge "green". Loved the creativity, the dialogue, the romance...oh, I just LOVED it all! Congratulations! Wow!
I love this story, Lisa! Sooo romantic and sweet. Congratulations on your first place win!! Yay!!!
Awww--loved this! What a cute idea. I started smiling when I read the first few words and didn't stop the whole way through. (BTW-did they end up together?)
Best of the Best Contender...
WOW; that is a challenge and YOU are up to it!