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Oh, this is just brilliant! Top-drawer, A-1, 1st Place. Did I say it is good?
Love the wit and humor.
The word, "brilliant" popped into my mind as I was reading this, but I see that someone already used it. So, it's amazing, outstanding, creative, and just plain GOOD! Really, really enjoyed this one!
Just excellent - I love it. A brilliant use of words.
This is outstanding poetry--categorically!
Superb! Layer upon layer masterfully laid.
Metaphorically speaking,
alas, our tongues do wreck havoc, don't they. Loved this and could almost too easily identify with the poor husband's plight.
A great mix of total clarity in the total confusion of it all - with a strong flavour of "Green Eggs and Ham" by Doctor Seuss. Loved it!
Loved it - especially ...

Its not what I said even though Id say it now,
With great conviction,
If it didnt mean sleeping on the couch, for weeks,
Because I didnt say it the way she took it,

Great job.
Very clever and emotive. To my way of thinking it was a bit on the long side. But it came together well in the end.
Stunning! Brilliant! I'm grinning ear to ear. The line about the acorn still has me puzzled. Too deep for me guess. It was a good speed-bump, tho, to gear me back into your lyrical prose, and the awesome ending came with just the right pacing
Ah, what an interesting way to show the breakdown. I liked it. Pretty clever-the title fits just perfectly and the repetition of "honest" was neat.
Ah, now it makes SO much sense. And it's perfect. Thanks for helping me out, HC. :)
Congratulations on your very well deserved win Henry. I so loved the humour of this -as well as the lesson! (Really pleased that the two entries I loved the most this week came first and second!) Congrats again. Happy New Year!
This is one of my favorite poems of yours yet! Congrats on your very high placing for this very brilliant piece, which was very well thought out and quite believable. To say the least.

Absolutely love it!
I thought your poem was funny the first time I read it and enjoyed reading it a second time to my son. A very creative idea. Congratulations on a well-deserved 2nd place EC!
Such fun...a winner, for sure, in my book (and apparently the judges). Congratulations.
Henry - congrats on your placing. I enjoyed reading it again. So funny!
Oh how I love this! And I so relate, even my husband who isn't really into reading and allegories etc would get a huge kick out of this. I also think he'd be relieved that he's not the only husband who gets accused of saying what he said even though it may not have been what he said but I had a sneaking suspicion it was what he meant. Do you know what I'm saying? Brilliant!!! Congratulations on your HC!
What a hoot! Loved this and don't you dare stop writing poetry. Simply delightful!

(And you had the courage to share some reality in terms that made us all chuckle.)
Very amusing! I liked the silently bleeding lip & your apropos conclusion. You probably want a hyphen in "God fearing." Otherwise, you're saying God is fearing people's feelings. Nice juggling throughout. Congratulations, Henry!