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There's an 'Out-of-the-Box' take on this topic. Very unusual. It really left me thinking.How on earth did you come up with this and then make it so introspective? Wow!
You use some very striking images in describing the light.
So good it gave me chill bumps--really creative interpretation.
This is fun. It felt a little long until the end, and then it was all worth it. Good thoughts and nicely written.
I loved every word, every picture. This was true art and you an artist. A great multi-talented writer. I enjoy each of your entries. Congrats on your recognition!
Forgot, this was a great string of words; I mean masterful. They need framing.

What words hinder
Your hounding
Of darkness
Into the hills?

I did say I liked this piece, didn't I?

Congratulations, my friend, on placing with this masterfully creative poem. I've told you you're a poet...and now you've proved it!
Unique take on the topic. Very creative. Congrats on your placing!
I loved your voice in this poem! Great work, Loren. Congrats on your Editor's Choice.
Congratulations on this fresh out of the box piece!
Loren, I've been meaning to come in and comment on this since the winners were announced. If we had an award for freshest take on the topic, you would have got it. It's the sort of poem that rewards those who persevere, tune out the distractions, and really absorb. First time through, I was lost. Second read, I was totally engrossed and delighted as every little part of it fell into place and made perfect sense--on two levels. As others have mentioned, I'm in awe that you thought of this for the topic, and tied it in with an excellent message. Great writing, mate! Keep it coming. In His love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)