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I agree with this article. It is very hard to break out of Christian-ese sometimes.
Quite good
I'm a sign language interpreter and I often struggle to decide when to expand and explain the "Christianese" and when to just let the Deaf people figure it out the same way the hearing people do. Interpreting music is especially complicated and often takes a lot of thinking to even figure out what it is we're singing about. It's good to make me actually absorb the meaning and not just say words we all say but might not fully understand.
This has a very meaningful (excuse the pun) message. It's presented clearly, with the humor adding interest.
I could not agree more with how you call us to question all the terms we use. They may mean a lot to us, but they actually insulate us against those we are called to reach.
Very good points to ponder
How true! The more you know the Bible, the easier it is to speak "Christianese," which nonChristians don't necessarily understand. Good point.
Interesting thoughts. I realized I was "foreign" when I attended a public high school. I spoke English, but they didn't understand me.
You make a great point I didn't realize how many phrases might not make sense to everyone. Congratulations for placing in the top 10 of Masters and the top 20 overall!
You make a strong, valid point and I hope this gets wide coverage so many are "educated" to the need for simpler "language". Well done indeed!