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Very emotional piece and the writing was brilliant. Loved this. It is so hard to imagine what it would be like to be alone after living with someone for a longtime. Great insight. Great job!!
So very vivid, I was right there. Not sure I would be strong enough to sit and stare at the billboard. Very well done.
Unique concept. I love the voice of your MC. Powerfully done.
Excellent writing. You took me to the heart of the MC. without being maudlin. It felt authentic.
Very creative. It was classic "show" not "tell" in revelaing so much about her reactions to the break-up. Well done.
You did a remarkable job of capturing your mc's pain but also her determination in moving forward. I enjoyed your mc's voice and personality. Well done.
Your writing in this piece is stunning. So many emotions and very vivid images, all meticulously crafted.
Very good imagery! You have captured the emotions and the scenes very well. As I read through your story, I was able to feel and picture everything as though I was there with the MC. Excellent piece.
I really enjoyed seeing how the MC went from despair to hope. It's a refreshing message of hope for all who have had their heart broken one way or another. You did a good job on this.