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Now this was really a different take on the topic. I could almost picture myself sticking my chin to the floor to practice "ducking." I can really relate to the difficulty of finding things on the Internet. You never know what you'll get when you type in certain words, and at other times you don't know what word to type in to find what you're looking for. Thanks for this!
This is definitely out of the box (box turtle? giggle). I wasn't quite born at this time (i came around 5 years later!), but I've certainly heard about it. I like the connection.
Loved it! Felt connected right away because my mom had a good friend named Neva. Good tie in with Christmas coming. I practically had poster wallpaper yet didn't go that route. Good luck.
I really enjoyed this nice trip back into the past. I wasn't born until a few years later, but it's important that all generations know what it was like to live through that time and to realize how close we came to another world war. Knowing about the past is the best way to make the future safer. Thank you for sharing I really enjoyed it and was hooked from the first word on.