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Your POV was excellent and I loved the details you wove throughout. Well done!
Lots of mystery here. I liked the precise descriptions--can't get more exact than 17 freckles. Very interesting story.
Your detail completely drew me in and made me care about the lady on the billboard. Then as more information was revealed to the reader, I became fearful for this woman. This is such an emotional, well-written, and creative story. You completely involve your reader.
Chilling! I don't like this MC, and that's a compliment to your writing ability! Altho' at the end when he wrote down the phone number, I felt a faint glimmer of hope that he'll turn himself in and let the poor woman go.
compelling writing. well done indeed
Wow! I knew there was a catch somewhere but couldn't put it together...what an ending. You pulled me in front the get-go and I hung on for dear life until the end. Great story.
Brilliant! I like how who the MC and the girl are slowly unfold. I imagined many things as I read, but the true story, when it was revealed, made me gasp. Great ending to this heart-tugging story.
The mystery of the whole story compelled me to keep find out the fate of the much loved woman. This would make a good movie. Very compelling.
Whoa, this is scary! Reminds me of Tamar and Amnon, only instead of this character hating the girl, he actually felt sorry for her and what he had done.
I'd be very surprised if someone like that would actually turn themselves in, but I think you pulled off a difficult point of view in a believable way.
You led me on, line by line. Nice job, Joanne, and thanks for commenting on my very first entry,"I Am Not My Own".Your kind encouragement is only exceeded by your expertise.
Your story is inspiring. I look forward to reading more of your work as I have time.
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