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I really enjoyed reading this article.

It was light and fun, but still contained a powerful message about listening to the still small voice.

Love the light-hearted yet serious feel to this piece. I personally thought the transition to a new girl at the end was a bit sudden, but it worked in the context of the story. I like this take on the topic.
Enjoyed your story very much. I'm glad the MC wasn't so involved with Autumn that he didn't look in other directions when other fish in the sea presented themselves.
I really enjoyed your story--liked your main character. Like Poe, you can write poems AND stories.
Hehehe Nice timing. Although perhaps he needs to keep his distance from April until Autumn knows what's going on. ;) Somehow I don't think he'll be cutting that kite string after all.
Good job. Romance with an underlying lesson. I enjoyed it. Keep writing.
Love the choice of names for the new girl!
Excellent.Loved this little story. Not so serious, but deals with n important issue. It was quite clear that Autumn's priorities were not right. I'm wondering if the repetition of 'a' in the girls name has any significance? I think it's called assonance or alliteration or something like that. Also liked the symbol of the Kite. And I don't think the way he found the new girl was sudden at all sometimes love happens like that.
When it's right your heart just knows it! Sometimes it's hard to get your head to agree. I really enjoyed your MC. He was quite refreshing.
I loved how you included the poem into this story. That was unique and different. Thanks for sharing and good story.
I liked the play on the names Autumn and Spring. I also liked the wisdom in the poem.
I liked everything about this story. Your mc's character was likable and had a great voice. The poem within the story was clever. Wise man to appreciate spring when it comes. Overall, very enjoyable.
April instead of Autumn ... I like it!
I also liked how the MC drew wisdom from a poem told to him years ago. (And how you brought your poetic skills into the story. ;) )

Being a hopeless romantic, I thought the ending was just perfect. It seemed that just as he was pulling away from what would have been an awful mistake in love, God provided him with something better. It reiterates the wonderful lesson: wait for the right one.

You should write prose more often. It's as awesome as your poems! Double wow.
I like the way you crafted the whole story to show what body language reveals. Glad the story ended on a more promising note of someone better, with heart break. A pleasant read.
Congratulations on your EC!!! You really did a great job:)
YAY! Congrats on your EC! This was one of my favorite stories for this topic. :)
Yay! This received an EC. Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition.
Congratulations Edgar ;-) on an EC for your delightful story.