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This is truly creative. Your stories for the millenium point toward a wonderful day for news.
This is so creative. I was mesmerized by the thought of such a wonderful world. Just Imagine!
Such creativity and quite the fun read. Excellent.
Loved this look into the future! I can hardly wait when it will ALL be good news!
Great angle to this week's topic...creative and unique.
I had a little trouble figuring out where this story was set, but when I understood I found it to be quite engaging. I liked the creative direction in which you took this article. Good job!
Wow! I love the angle you took with this one! I'm a huge fan of the Left Behind series and anything having to do with the end times.

I was only confused at the first part with the sign. It seemed like a really long headline and was a litte hard to understand. Once you got to the next paragraph about "King Jesus" I knew you were talking about the millennial reign of Christ, and then I ate it up from there.

Great take on the topic! Hope this does well in the rankings.