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Really good story.. you had my attention right through to the end. Fast moving with a happy ending. Great entry.
Good story-for awhile it could have gone several ways for the survivor.
Deus ex machina? I don't think so-we do have a wonderous God. And as the MC indicated -He has it all in His hands.
Very good point made. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the Cyber world we forget... God doesnt need a cell phone. Very good story.
There were several moments of excellent clarity in this story. I loved the moment with the twinge of loss over the phone.

I confess that the ending seemed a bit contrived and I would have liked to have seen more conflict - perhaps building more on why the phone was so important to him, or the struggle to remember how to connect one-on-one.

Overall, well done.
This is a nice fresh story. The message was great. It did remind me a bit of The Event and Castaway but you wrapped it up in a needed message. Great writing!
Excellent story! The time transition at the end could have been a little smoother, but I loved the wrap up, and how you explained the raft "conveniently" washing up on his beach. :) Nice job.
Congratulations on placing 29th overall.