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oh wow, a gripping tale. I kept reading faster trying to make sure Jordyn was okay. You brought each of these characters to life and I loved the mother/daughter relationsip you created here.
This is really good. Intense and very believable. Good use of the topic.
You did an outstanding job with the suspense, with the trust between daughter and mother and showing the character traits of the daughter.
I really liked this story. God blend of teenage angst/ peer pressure with use of technology. My one observation would be that it took me a while to work out Jordyn's age. At first I had her pegged as a much younger teen. Aside from this, a timely tale that deserves to be read by parents and youth alike.
I really enjoyed this story. I had a little trouble figuring out Jordyn's age, too, but I loved how you worked the topic into this. Cyber communication is a great way to keep kids safe. Good job!
I wasn't sure I was going to like this at first, but OH was I wrong! By the end, my heart was pounding. Outstanding job at building drama, and also showing teens how easy it is to reach out to a parent and how important it is for parents to instill values in our children. Love it.
I loved the switch. As has been mentioned, Jordyn's age was tricky to figure out. As someone too far removed from her age, I felt as if the peer pressure tension could have been stronger. Great concept for a story.
Very believable and well-written story. Thank you. God bless your writing.
This happens far more than we parents realize. It's so important to tell our kids call if you're in trouble, you can use me as your excuse if you ever need to get out of a mess. Great story.