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Your article really made me think of all the "stuff" that beckons to us from the internet. Well done.
This is so real and so scary at the same time. We can create and live in our own virtual world. Super creative work here with each scenario, and I love your title and your make-belive/real Shangri-La!
This was very thought-provoking. I like to believe that I am "real" in my computer dealings, but not everyone else may be. Great job!
Yes, the internet is a lake of thin ice that must be walked upon very carefully, and you never know the image you see reflected, may be your own. Spooky real. Great story and writing. I enjoyed it tremendously!
I really enjoyed your article. It's something I've often thought about. As a writer, I do seem different on the computer than I do in real life. Sometimes I wonder what people would think if they could see the real me. Great job, and great message!
An excellent call to increased discernment while using the internet. It's not even restricted to hypocrites. It's all too easy for a church (or even a missionary) to present an image of themselves that has slipped too far away from the underlying reality. God help us to be honest and to be discerning!
Quite a little place there. You did an outstanding job on this story! Wow it made me shiver mainly because it is likely somewhere in the www those stories are true. Excellent message.
Each a very true scenario. Creative take!
Wow - what an excellent entry! Powerful.
Very well written and "real." A thought provoking story to remind everyone of the dangers of the internet. Thank you.
Congratulations for placing 9th in level 4 and 13th overall!