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Quite creative & entertaining take on the topic--Biblical blogging! Nicely done!
This is awesome - absolutely loved your creative take on an old Bible story! Wonderful, wonderful writing!
Perfect. Just wonderful. I really really love this one. A bit green I can't think things up as good as this. I bet this will be up the top somewhere.
Super creative work here! I especially enjoyed your ravens! (We have ravens here that entertain us!) You have quite an imagination!
Extremely creative and entertaining. Loved the idea and the execution. Prophets on computers. Amazing mind.
Fresh and well done. Another time and place with today's take on communication. Good job on this one.
Wow. Wow. Did I say WOW??? Love, love, love. I can't put it in words. Too good.
I had just read those chapters this week and found this really entertaining. What a creative idea, and you carried it through superbly.
Hats off for creativity. I particularly loved the comments from others. One suggestion would be to stick a 'note for readers' at the beginning to tell them to start at the end. I know this is normal for blogs but in FW we're conditioned to work top-down.
How wonderfully creative! Love it. :)
Very creativereading from bottom up like a blog! I like the casual tone these blog entries was being written. Imagine, they're even dated, bringing the story as close as it can get to feeling the sense of very recent events! Excellent work!
I thought of doing a Biblical blog, but decided against it - I'm SO glad because yours is spectacular! Awesome creativity.
What unique take on a biblical story!
This was such a creative take -- both on the topic and the story. It was a delight to read.
My comment may not be very creative but this story DEFINITELY is! I love how you put it in blog form. (I'm sensing a fascination with the raven story. ;) )

My favorite was the part about chasing God. I hadn't thought about it that way before, because I don't think of God trying to pester me, but I really like how you portrayed that.

I also like the evil Jezebel smiley faces. >;)

Thumbs up on this baby!

P.S. I read it from bottom to top. ;)
Thanks everyone! :)

Personally, I prefer it from top to bottom. ;)
Excellent. I read it the wrong way round - but still enjoyed the way you got the message accross. I loved the responses.
YAAAAAY! :D I knew this one would get a high rating! AWESOME JOB!!!
Glad all your hard work paid off with an EC...this had to take a lot of creative thought. Good job.
Congratulations on your EC!