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Great POV! I like how you showed what the MC was from your descriptions in the very first line. Very creative, and the last line - a keeper!
I loved this fresh approach. Children's stories have always been my favorites and you did a great job!
It's a modern-day Bambi! This was a cute story and ended with a great lesson on the danger of rumors. You really do an awesome job of bringing animals "to life" and getting the reader inside their furry heads.
Love, love, love!

This was just too good. Super cute with a great message!
This was so easy to read. Unique, fun and wise. It would make a gorgeous children's story. I did wonder why you didn't use paragraphs however - I think the flow would have been smoother if you had.
Such fun. I agree with others that it would make an excellent children's book. Great work!
I'm so glad the man didn't shoot her! I enjoyed this. Kept my attention all the way through.
Wonderfully creative take on this week's topic! I actually liked your format. It felt lighter and more conducive to children's reading. Loved it.
Teaching and entertainment at the same time--how much better can it get?
This is truly a masterpiece. I saw the fur, smelled the grass, felt the dew -- you really did it for me. And the message...well, it just couldn't get any better.
I found myself smiling throughout this entire story. It was fun to read with lots of action and likeable characters.
Very interesting take on the topic and a very enjoyable read. The way to get free from lies and rumors is certainly to flee.
I'm jumping on the bandwagon with the children's book idea. This is cute - so animals can gossip too. I'm glad the man let Violet go so she could live to tell us her story.